The Journey Begins

Header artwork (full size bellow): I worked with a friend to recreate her prophetic vision of my mothers earnest prayer. My lovely mother was the catalyst for the change in my life, with her words to me and her prayers to God. Thank you Robyn Mulligan for your prayers and for removing the cataracts in my heart.

An encouragement to everyone, your prayers are powerful (and beautiful), so pray more!


Testimony Through Poetry


t began on balcony in Belgrave with my beloved brothers. The air was thick with an almost tangible presence that brought me to tears. We discussed dreams and pulled them into reality. One of a cabin, a climb, a howl, a wolf. I said I was the wolf, first to him, then second to my mother. She saw through the haze, not just the one that I had just inhaled but had been inhaling for 8 long years. Revealing the skin deep wounds that had festered to inside to become a rotting corpse far from who I was born to be. She was the spiritual physician that noticed the growing cataracts clouding my heart. She operated employing her words as a sword, the prayers she lay before me worked as an anaesthetic preparing my skin for the incision. Her words were painful to receive as they cut deep revealing the decay that I didn’t even know was present.

She was the spiritual physician that noticed the growing cataracts clouding my heart.

I met with my father and I spoke of pseudo spirituality, my empty words fell to the ground extinguished by his shield of faith. When he departed he left clarity in his wake, he was not alone and I was beginning to realise that neither was I. The bride of my brother saw my mothers earnest prayer and the cries of both of my fathers. She didn’t need the trance inducing substance, the ones that had seduced me on my quest for wisdom. Seeing beyond the vail, through the lenses light, she illuminated the wound. Using a scalpel she carefully carved and etched out the borders of truth contained within my heart, leaving room for self revelation and questions, for I had many. At the core there was one she left unanswered… Why were we created? I had said the answer to others but this diamonds beauty had escaped my own eyes.

In the land of the prophetic I healed, rediscovered the meaning behind my own name. I exercised it like a child making the movement from milk to meat, developing sinews of muscle. I made a tent my home and my connection to God was closer than walls I lived in. I woke up everyday wanting to see the intangible and unfathomable face of God, and experience his fingerprints in nature, a feather, a sunrise, a dream. I once had a dream of a wolf biting my hand, I was deceived, for I am not the wolf, it is my attacker! As I observed the bite, I saw the full extent of its effect and the poison it carried.

I had leant on my own strength, arched my spine and contorted my walk to one that wasn’t upright. I wasn’t made to walk, but to fly, fly on wings like eagles, relying on God for strength. I no longer will make art that isn’t pure, God will refine me like silver and gold and give me visions more precious then induced ones. I no longer will dilute my mind with the philosophy of false prophets, I find truth in the word. I no long need to look for love, my spirit will sing a love song that only she will ever know because she sings the same song.

There I stood in a field, full circle and the diamonds beauty caught my eye once more. He created us to experience us, and for us to experience him.

The Next Step

I just arived in Switzerland to do an on location Biblical Core Corse, after only being accepted two weeks ago. I will studying the Bible where it was written for 3 months in Switzerland, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy. I have made the first steps on this massive journey, and the miracles have already begun. Opening my eyes to the invisible hand of God, leading me to my next adventure in Him. Choosing vulnerability is not a normal reflex, but it is the substance of faith. The course will strengthen my artistic works, enabling my gifts and talents to capture impressions of God and His Word.

Trusting Him is confronting many of my emotions and at times I am ecstatic and in awe, other times I feel like it s a far off dream  5,990 CHF by 1st April but it is undoubtedly building my faith. Will you help me pull this dream to reality? (Update: I got all of the finances in the last 24 hrs you can read the story here)

What I am really asking for the opportunity to walk in Jesus’s footsteps, reading His words where He said them. I want to gain valuable context to those words and deepen my understanding. I will be reading, studying, and meditating on scripture daily to actually make this change. I want to take you on this journey, for it starts here with these words on this blog.


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  • Sally Malcolm (nee McLean)

    Hey Nathan.

    Thrilled to hear of the adventure you’re embarking on. Can’t imagine the beauty and depth of exploring Him in His word, on site.

    My husband Bruce and I would like to contribute something to toward this. Is there a donation site, pref with credit options?

    I am still the richer for having known you.
    Love you and your fam.


  • James barnard

    Hey Nathan, glad you got there safely. How much $ do you still need? In my prayers and thoughts God bless

  • Leigh (Jablonski) Wyenberg

    My prayers & thoughts are with you! Believing with you that all you need will come through. The 11th hour is always a faith stretcher. My hope & joy though is that you have found the truth for yourself. Knowing God as we are raised in faithfilled homes is one thing but really finding God for our adult selves is pretty amazing! Blessings buddy!

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