Test of Faith


t only seems like last week I arrived (time flies when you have none to spare), so let me take you back to the day before I depart. I receive an email: “The leadership has agreed that it would be best to have a clear understanding of where all your money will come from by Sunday, the 29th before your departure from Australia.”

My response was,
“I feel like this is the true test of faith, I think my circumstance is like Peters. Going to Switzerland is stepping out of the boat and onto the water, I know that God will hold me up when I have faith. If I were to stay in Melbourne I wouldn’t be getting out of the boat. So I feel to take that step of faith, I hope this rests well with you.”
After an encouraging response I get on a plane the next day. I make it to Switzerland after two days of travel, the 24 hr financial deadline looming over my head. I venture into the forest in prayer and only the trees loomed over me, I strangely felt at peace and even was a little excited…

I return to start work on a commission piece to try raise some more finances. To no avail I stop with the conclusion that there is nothing that I could possibly do to raise $7000 by the deadline the next day. I head up to the loft and find a comfy couch to sink deep into with prayer. Within a minute of being in the prayer room, a lady comes in crying. Wanting to be a comfort, I find a break in her tears to console her. She shared the reason for being there, and we joined in prayer for the journeys we were both about to undertake. She then asked why I was there and I told her about my need for finances. She explained her circumstance and then said the impossible. She said she could cover everything I didn’t have!

At that moment my feet at that connected with the water and I stood without sinking, in complete awe of the goodness of God.

The Forge

In the first week I was gifted a vision of a forge. This YWAM base truly is a forge, and as I write a line it reveals another characteristic of this place. It’s not finished but my time here isn’t finished either.

Welcome to the Forge my friends. This is where you will be refined & purified. This is no ordinary furnace or anvil, this is the legacy of a generation of smiths. Bring your rusty sword before the maker for he will make you new.

A great soldier becomes one with his sword and extension of their flesh. You, you are the sword, a vessel of truth, whether be sabre or scimitar, cutlas or katana. Not following the template that the world provides, you are the weapon of a the masters design.

Fold yourself over to see where your flaws once were. Fold and weld again, each time you bend you are made pure. Merge yourself with the wisdom of a wiser mind, sit and soak in the revelation that comes with time. You will be shaped and moulded, beaten but not broken or bruised. Just extended beyond what you thought possible, drawing you out to into the fullness of your design.

Thrust into the blaze, surrender yourself and test your faith. Let your breaths be bellows fanning the flames. Heat your steel and let your heart become soft. You are strengthened to serve, and given words for those who haven’t heard. So speak with your sword and cut with your tongue, for the battle is still raging on. Every warrior has his place among the ranks of the holy, and you are worthy to be among them.

Every warrior has his place among the ranks of the holy, and you are worthy to be among them.

Edge of Egypt

Now almost half way through the BCC and the expectations that were held before the journey (though little they were) have been blown out of the water. The Bible has an incredible depth, far deeper than I have ever imagined. Every word purposeful and sentence layered with foundations so deep they reach to God. I will take the time to convey what I have learnt and revived revelation on when the course is over.

Thank you for your prays, they have prepared the way, strengthened my faith, been my comfort and my protection. Please keep me in them, they are powerful, I need your support and without them I know I wouldn’t be here. Thank you all those financially contributed, you have become apart of my journey and may you be blessed 30x 60x 100x what you gave.

I head to Egypt today and continue along this epic journey. Pictures will be more frequent but my words won’t be, it only gets busier from here on.



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