Precipice of Truth

Enter the sacred space where your perspective is shifted.
The world seems to stretch around you in an embrace,
so intimately close and vast simultaneously.
Clouds part, heavens open, revealing a spiral of Angels.
A breath, a beam, a helix of fire infused into the tree.
The living unburnt and the dead ash hovering in the wind.
Arise and rise above the clouds with renewed clarity.
A crooked path, hard to follow, the precipice of truth.

Every element is infused with symbolism and meaning. I hope you are able to rest and explore it to the intention-filled depths.

My interpretation of The Burning Bush in Exodus looking through Moses’ eyes.

Christian Löffler – Mt. Grace

Big thanks to all of the stock photographers:
Landscape: Link, Link – Burtn
Tree: Link – ZanaSoul
Clouds: Link, Link, Link, Link – Lizzie-Bitty, Link – melemel
Smoke: Link – Elpizo94
Fire: Link – Archangelical-Stock, Link – Null-Entity
Sparks: Link – kuschelirmel-stock, Link – MariaSemelevich, Link – yellowicous-stock, Link – DiZa-74
Particles: Link – CryoGfx

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