What do you see?

We all have our own unique perspective and interpretations. The same applies to the way we perceive God. Ultimately his characteristics remain the same, but our perspective varies.

For now we see a reflection in a lake full of ripples, but then face to face. Now we know in part; then we shall know fully, even as we have been fully known.

Inspired by a dream: I was standing waist deep in water on a camping trip and saw the most glorious sunset with a galaxy/nebula spewing out of the top and wanted to run back to the car to grab my phone so I could take a picture. Since I wasn’t able to take the picture, I recreated it for you instead, hope you enjoy.

Big thank you to all the stock photographers that shared their stunning images:

Lake/Landscape: Link – raindroppe | Link, Link, Link – Burtn
Mountain: Link – Korolevatumana | Link – leeorr-stock
Clouds: Link – Skybase
Sun: Link – Limboplus
Stars/Neubla: Link – hellstormde | Carina Nebula – Hubble Telescope

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