Laying the Foundations


n 3 months I traveled through 7 countries, explored 7 ancient cities/towns, and stayed in 9 different places, visited 12 biblically significant sites, studied in depth 12 books of the bible and read all 66. It has been so packed, you could easily do the same things at a slightly slower pace and it would take 6 months! The BCC has changed my life.

A big thank you to the two wonderful ladies on BCC who took a chuck of the photos for us. The warm vintagey photos are Abra’s, high quality SLR photos are by Kali’s, and the rest (panoramas etc) are from myself.

I learnt so much during this school, the biggest perspective shift I had was that the bible is one continuous story from Genesis to Revelation. One story with many books and each book requires lens that brings clarity to a message that the original writer was trying to convey. Every writer conveys the same core message, love, love though the expression of justice, mercy and compassion always with the desire to be in relationship. It’s like I have been reading the bible without glasses my entire life, lacking clarity or a full understanding. When I was in Jerusalem I met a man that is messianic Jew, and I was privileged to hear a portion of his wisdom. He asked us to describe a pair of glasses, we said ‘they have a frame, hinges and lenses etc’. When we finished, he then described them. ‘A way to be able to see the world more clearly, or block out the sun etc’. He described a relationship, an interaction and how it changed how you viewed the world.

The BCC has created this conscious and perspective shift, moving from viewing the bible as a tool to a relationship.

Everything within this course trial or triumph was amazing and character building. The highlights (though there are many) on this journey haven’t just been the places we went, the sights we saw, the food we tasted, the music we heard; but something that can’t be fully described by photos or through a few words, but let me try.

Some things that stood out to me were…

When I talked to a man named Adam a souvenir salesman and I expressed to him that our conversation was more meaningful than the goods that he was trying to sell me.
When I walked by a building seeing piles of rubbish and decaying matter, and right beside it was burning incense to mask the horrific smell. A symbol reflecting the hearts of the people surrounding it.
When I met a stranger on a beach that had a lot more in common with me than I would have ever guessed and how our meeting was not a just coincidence. It was a divine appointment.
When I was singing the song ‘Where Feet May Fail’ on the Sea of Galilee reminding me of my own story and how God held me above the waves so I could follow Him and make it onto this school.
When I spoke prophetically and was able to understand languages I couldn’t normally interpret.When I was going to a prayer room and before I had reached the curtains at the entrance it felt like I walked into a loving embrace.
When in a single night I heard the testimonies and life stories of all 22 people in my school and how God has impacted their lives. I’m sure that looking back on this time all 23 of us will share how this Bible Core Course (BCC) and God continues to impact our lives. The BCC really just feels like the beginning, only scratching the surface and it has set me up with the right tools to dig deeper.

I embarked on this journey only knowing that this is where God wanted me to be. Generally when people go on grand adventures around the world it is quite often in search of a deeper meaning in life and to find their own identity. Traveling undoubtedly does this regardless of your intentions. I’m not saying I have all the answers but what I have found out is that the deeper meaning of life is quite simple. I said in a poem but that diamond’s beauty is more stunning that what I realised at first, I even repeated it three times. ‘Us’ it is our unity in our diversity and God, who is love, so reworded the line would be: Love created us to love us and for us to love Love. The deeper meaning in life is for us in our infinite complexity to find Love in its infinite complexity, and exist together in unity with The Trinity.

So what’s next? Well I’m currently doing a LTS (Leadership Training School) in Townsville, it commenced on July 5th and has an all star YWAM leader lineup. It has already put what I have learnt through the BCC into action, with a fresh new perspective on the Word. I am currently constructing a 5 year plan of where I believe God is taking me, not entirely sure where and what that is but it’s been a great journey trying to find out. After this course I would be well equipped to venture into whatever God has in store for me. I have some thoughts as to what God has ahead for me but as I enter into this next season I would love your prayers and support as I really want to get the most from what God is teaching me during this time of preparation. Thanks for reading.


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  • Mia

    This latest article is a great read Nath. Your revelation about love is so vital and will now influence all that you do. Thank you for being willing to live differently so that you may be whole and help others discover their own wholeness.

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