Genesis V1


Artwork – Waves Dream: I had this dream and thought I should illustrate it (painting over photo). It was the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen in my life followed by a spiral that was emitted from the sun that whipped the waves and clouds into arcs coming towards me. ‘Twas beautiful but terrifying

A nice chill mix of some of my favourite tunes from some of my favourite artists. A nice short 33.33 min set (unintentional). Recorded live from Traktor (S4). Anyways sit back and soak in the tunes.

Soundcloud: Genesis V1

1: Shigeto – Look At All The Smiling Faces
2: Tipper – No Dice
3: Auma – Settle And Release
4: Mind Tree – Close Your Eyes So You Can See
5: Liquid Stranger – Beacon
6: mote. – Dust Particle
7: Kouta – Sakura
8: Rumpistol – Shigeto


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  • T BONE

    Thinking of ya, praying for ya,
    Great to see your blog & listen to Gen V1
    Can’t wait for more.


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