Carrington Falls Sample Pack

Full Sample Pack:

Captured for use in a video installation. I wanted field recordings from one location that had a cycle from day to night but I couldn’t find any so I went out and captured the audio myself.

Each of the recordings despite it saying left and right is actually a stereo recording and the and the left and right labels indicate where the water is positioned. The final version combined both the left and right recordings together to make the sound mirrored so the water sound is balanced in both channels. If you were to do the opposite of what I did and mute the right channel on the right labeled file and do the same for the left channel and combine them you would end up with a more bird and ambient based recording, as apposed to water based.

Cheers Chris De Souza and Richard Simmonds for letting me borrow your gear and James, Sarah and Tara for the grand camping trip.





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