Give me the opportunity to cultivate beauty.

I’m Nathan Mulligan (The Bishop of Balance) a freelance creative with a kaleidoscopic skill set which extends from Graphic Design, Fine Art, and Music Production. Originally from Bindal and Wulgurukaba country known as Townsville, currently living in Dharawal and Wadi Wadi country known as Wollongong. Self taught artist with 10 years experience in digital editing programs.

Moulding the impressions in my mind into works of beauty. I weave symbolism and intentionally into every creative decision, using beauty to lend depth to important ideas. You can view and purchase my art from my store or become a patron of my art and join me on the journey of exploring and encapsulating fragments of beauty.

Translating the concept in your mind into a meaningful creative solution. I believe in all the projects I work on. You deserve not only good design but design that accurately represents your idea to the rest of the world.
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Partner with me in a symbiotic relationship of receiving and giving. I am a volunteer at YWAM Wollongong as a Staff member and Artist-in-Residence, involved in the Events Management team. You can support me as I volunteer with one time or monthly donations or become a patron of my art through Patreon.

My alias is one that I can’t take too seriously, for we seem to take everything a bit too seriously, it was a name that was given to me that stuck. Even though, The Bishop of Balance still has a lot of depth of meaning, a name I’ll be growing into and aspire to be,

Bishop: Above reproach, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, without addiction, gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money. (1 Tim 3:2)
Balance: An even distribution of weight enabling someone to remain upright and steady.